Monday, 27 July 2015

April to July Newsletter

It has been an exciting and busy term here at MOET School! We hope you enjoy reading about the events and activities that have taken place.
First of all, the photos below show a very good morning for MOET teachers as veteran teachers Susan, Hilary, Rosemary and Mike bring in new teaching techniques in Mathematics funny, educational and joyful learning introduced to MOET teachers to make a difference.

MOET holds sports day once in a year, below is the prize giving ceremony to the winning children and bidding farewell to the friends of MOET from England who came to visit the school.

The volleyball team ready to take their time as they played against the learners who won three to one.
Teachers interact with their learners and this helps children learn without fear.

Among the activities on the sports day running a 4km race was one of the challenging sports that day.

MOET children are exposed to several skills  including music below MOET School choir in action led by  their new teacher Kate Bernard 2015 MOET Volunteer from The UK. 

When fun is associated with learning, education becomes easy! These children from MOET were heading for the Education Open Day held at the Zone centre where MOET performed a drama.

Trip to Monkey Bay where football, netball ball , volley ball was done as well as visiting Dzimwe Community Radio station where the learners from the AIDS awareness club were given a chance to speak on the radio.

The netball game in progress the MOET children were beaten 32 baskets to 27!

A group photo before the game started

The third term of 2015 saw the coming of Kate Bernard, volunteer from England. Kate did a very good job for the school. Apart from teaching in classes, she has helped the administration in computers.
Ruth Bernard, Kate's sister, joined us in volunteering. Though for a short time she was at MOET, she has contributed to the sports, and brought some equipment.

MOET really welcomes volunteers and if you are one of those would like to find a place to volunteer, we would be extremely happy to have you!

Thank you very much for reading, we hope you enjoy our next news items.


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